10 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Web Designer

10 Things to Consider Before Hiring a SF Web Designer

You are ready to hire a web designer for your small business or startup. Chances are that you have not done this many times.

If unprepared, it can be overwhelming in deciding what to focus on when hiring a web designer.

I wrote this article to help someone who has decided to hire a web designer for their small business website or start-up website. As a San Francisco web designer, I have found that you should consider these things:

  • Do you have a logo?

    If you have one, does it need touching up or need to be redesigned? Your logo is the single most important element that identifies your business. Be sure it is done professionally and that it matches your branding.

  • Who is your target audience?

    Identifying your target audience is crucial to your online success. Who are they? What are their demographics such as age, sex, ethnicity, income and location? What is it that your target audience is trying to achieve when visiting your website?

  • What do you want your target audience to achieve when visiting your website?

    What is your product or service that you want your target audience to purchase? Basically this going to be your call to action and its going to take center stage.

  • Do you have an easy to remember domain name?

    Choosing the right domain is a big step towards your online success. The most successful domain consists of three syllables or less.

  • Who are your competitors?

    What are their strengths and weakness? Knowing these things make it easier to create a successful web presence. Basically take the parts that can be used for your brand, cut the bad parts and keep the good parts.

  • What does success look like for you in 12 months?

    Envision your website launched and ready to go with huge success. What does that entail? Before beginning something, it is good to know where you want to go.

  • What are some examples of websites that you like and admire?

    What do you like about them? This is a good way to find out what kind of style you like and is good inspiration for your web designer.

  • What content will you have?

    Is it ready or does it need to be created? This includes copywriting, imagery, videos and graphics. Most web design companies can provide resources to get these things done.

  • What is your timeline?

    A simple 3-5 page website generally takes a minimium 4-6 weeks to plan, custom design and develop. While larger websites can take upwards of 6 months.

  • What is your budget?

    This can vary greatly depending of the scope of the project. Generally anything under 1k is going to be a WordPress template and large e-commerce websites can go well over 10k. There are also low cost sulutions for under $100 a year, like Square Space that are easy to use and update, but may fall short if you want custom features and functionality.

Thanks for reading. If you are in the market for a San Francisco web designer, you should check out our portfulio.