Cloud Native WordPress

Cloud Native WordPress: Local Development Setup

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  What is Cloud Native WordPress? Well, Cloud Native is the new hot trendy buzz word in devOps, and WordPress is the software that is used by the most amount of people. So I put the two together. What is Cloud Native? Cloud Native is apps that are born inside a cloud infrastructure. Cloud infrastructure’s […]

Why Your WordPress Website is Slow (and how to fix it)

Why Your WordPress Website is Slow (and how to fix it)

updated october 1st. Slow web server caused by shared Hosting $6 a month seems like a good deal for full service hosting and it is, except that you are sharing it with a whole suburb of other websites. If your neighbor on your shared hosting gets a spike in traffic, those resources are taken from […]


Mobile Vs Responsive Web Design

I recently had an interview with a mobile website development agency. When first hearing about the company I was drawn to their humor and their rock-star status lead developer. When I first saw their software that they use to make desktop websites to mobile websites I was intimidated by the fact that this software could […]

The easiest way to find the perfect Wordpress team

The Easiest Way To Find The Perfect WordPress Team

Why WordPress? WordPress is the number one content management system (CMS) in the world because of its universal ease of use. What once started out as just blog software, has evolved into the largest open source project in the world and powers over 15% of the websites on the world wide web. It is used…

Mobile, tablet and desktop formatted

Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Formatted

The web is no longer just viewed on desktop, it’s viewed on multiple devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. In today’s market, its not just a nice perk to have your website mobile, tablet and desktop formatted; it’s crucial to your online success. Space-Rocket specializes in mobile, tablet and desktop formatting so you’ll…

Compassion Interactive is now Space-Rocket

Compassion Interactive is now Space-Rocket

We are proud to announce that Compassion Interactive is now Space-Rocket. We are still the same company, providing excellent service, high attention to detail and innovative ways of projecting your online presence into the web 2.0 stratosphere. Space-Rocket is Vivian Yan and Michael Chavez. Vivian has been working in web design since 2003 and Michael…